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  • Sustainable strategy

    As a global company, we priorities the social responsibility and promote innovative products and services.
    We aim to take the economic, climatic and social values to the next level.

About us


We launched our company in 1995, occupying an outstanding role in developing the social sustainability, we collect, filter and recycle all wastes and disposables, in MENA, Africa, Asia and Europe. We hustle to minimize pollution and save natural resources.

Vision and objectives :


We engage in creating a positive supportive environment, advanced and innovative.
We aim to exercise our expertise and share the experience, with customers and crew.
with customers and crew. We are interested in exploring the special journey
in offering better opportunities in recycling fields and environmental challenges.

Sustainable administration that shares values and benefits

Our first priority is basically sharing environmental and climatic stabilization in economic approach,
which will help support the social environmental complication.

Waleed Alsharifi

رئيس مجلس الادارة

Mr. Waleed Alsharifi is business management graduate. He created a dramatic rise in his company's performance, taking it from the regional scale to the international. He is managing a number of recycling, environmental friendly companies around the globe.
His strategies served to make an outstanding example of the companies that aim to support climatic and social challenges in thoughtful economic approach.
Mr. Waleed is also co-founder in a WADAK, tissues recycling company.