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  • Contribute with us in the recycling of products

    In order to maintain a renewed and vibrant environment
  • Together we build a more civilized future

    We contribute to a sustainable future in the Gulf region and the world
  • We benefit from the highest technologies

    In order to build the way in this field

We strengthen the present..and build the future

Because creativity has no limits ... we turn negative to positive
Our company is a pioneer in the field of recycling products and carrying

Economical and Environmental future bets


We recycle textile products : clothes, shoes and bags..


We recycle food and convert it into usable materials

Electronic Devices

We recycle technological devices by sorting, disassembling and assembling them again ..


We recycle various types of paper used for writing, printing, and packing

Help us build for better future

You can contribute with us to send the things that exceed your needs and we will recycle them and thus make together cities cleaner and beautiful

Be part of a sustainable future

A modern institution that holds the economic and environmental future bets and seeks to find radical solutions to economic waste situations that are mainly related to the textile sector and the nutrition sector. We aim to protect the resources of our planet in order to strengthen the present and secure the future.


Our mission is: to build a brilliant present and ensure a renewed future

We contribute to establishing a collective awareness of the importance of recycling clothes and food in maintaining ecological balance


Developing a more civilized and more inclusive social and economic environment.
Maximize the potential productivity of our natural resources by recycling them.
We share ideas for sustainable solutions that benefit the largest number of stakeholders in the long term.
Protecting the resources of our planet is our mission, by ensuring its sustainability and vitality.

We provide the latest global technology

The organization has a large number of experts and technicians A network of agents and partners around the world Factories with international specifications and great processing capacity The latest global technology We provide the latest global technology Through an integrated team, we analyse the economical and environmental state and take action in order to protect our environment through practical actions. Every day, our dedicated and experienced employees work hard to find solutions to the challenging cases that arise by innovating new technologies and using the latest technological products in this field, for example, the Smart Container.

List of partners in the Gulf region and the world