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Smart Container

As a leading company in the field of recycling we use the latest technology so we offer the leading Smart Container container in this field

Sensitive to pollution
Wi-Fi internet point
Smart waste and recycling
Self-communication and fast with assembly station
Connect wirelessly
Global Positioning System GPS

How the Smart Container works

Using the CLEAN Platform Smart Container containers - only when they are filled - notify the central management of the client of the container status immediately, so that it is discharged.

The result is a significant drop in:
Labor costs
Number of garbage trucks
Carbon dioxide emissions
Dusty damage to waste scattering and spread of insects

Our Smart Hat is available in different types and is what you need for your overall satisfaction

In our smart container we find high-tech and high-quality products that meet your needs:

Different sizes
Remote Sensing
GPS is available

High absorption capacity

Smart, solar powered
- Size: 570 liters
- Waste pressure 5: 1
- Remote sensors
- GPS connection
- Beautiful and practical design

Standard container

Smart, solar powered
- Size: 190 litres
- Remote sensors
- GPS connection
- Beautiful and practical design

Different sizes as needed

Ask your smart container for the size and features you want